Everything was already there. That's what I understand now.
The infinitely small seed of childhood already contained the whole.

Igrew up in a house full of ghosts and music in the beautiful Allier countryside. My two bedtime books were « The Adventures of Tambour and Toptop », where the big question in the second story was « But where do dreams disappear to when I wake up in the morning? » and « Hiawatha the Little Indian », who travelled down the river in his pirogue and had lots of adventures with the animals. For a long time, my best friends were the cats, dogs, rabbits and calves on the farm. The chestnut tree in the courtyard watched over me, and the branches of the weeping ash and sumac welcomed me when my mother called me to set the table.
My father used to take me with him into the forest at dusk, when all the animals would come home to the din. When I was tired, he’d have me lean against an oak tree with my palms against its bark to take in its energy and that of the Earth. My parents knew the connection between everything,, like the aboriginal peoples. Nature has always been a living friend to me, and I sing with her every day.

In this countryside, there were still human beings in the fields at haymaking and harvest time. There were hedges, insects, birds, water, neighbours to ‘fish the pond’ and share the fish. Beauty everywhere. I saw the cycle of life: what it was to be born, what it was to kill, life struggling in its desire to live, die and be dead.

« Who am I? » is the question that has haunted me since childhood. A phrase came to me very early on: « We come to Earth with a mission and suicide is not an option ». A strange sentence for a little girl. I also remember being in the bathroom and seeing the tiles slipping away, swaying, and clearly realising that I wasn’t real but that I was being dreamt by a being bigger than myself. Without knowing it, this was my first connection to India, where it is said that Vishnu dreams the world in his sleep and that we are the fruit of this dream that disappears when he wakes up. At the time, without my having mentioned it, my father once compared the human being to a television set that picked up information invisible beyond us. So we were a receiver, a channel, the invisible was our source, and that was the gift he gave me for my whole life.

Finding my place in a society that sees nothing beyond the material has not been easy.

After studying literature and finding it difficult to adapt to the cramped conditions of the city, I fortunately found my way to music and started working for the record industry. One thing led to another and I was put in charge – among other things – of creating the visual universe for new music by the artists I looked after. That’s how I came into contact with some wonderful artists: Juliette Gréco, Zazie, Phil Barney, all the singers in Mystère des Voix Bulgares, and the man whose life I share.

So I started painting, writing (sketches, children’s books), working on set designs for musicals and letting my imagination run away with me. The flow has continued ever since.

Pandit Jasraj
Pandit Jasraj – performing in Bhopal (India) –
is the voice of India that moves me the most.

At the same time, the culture of India, with which I had been in contact through the sounds of Ravi Shankar in Beatles songs and Najma Akhtar on Radio Nova, was to give me structure. At the age of 22, the first chapter of Alain Daniélou’s « Myths and Gods of India » on the nature of the Absolute shed light on my big question, « Who am I? Later, several encounters changed my life: Baratha Natyam classes, one of the eight classical Indian dances, Hatha Yoga with Elisabeth Puget, André Riehl’s Nidra Yoga, silent heart meditations with Mukeshanand and Imran Khan’s raga, which have since helped to open up my being.

In 2012, on my second trip to India, having arrived in Varanasi from Calcutta ill, I went to take a yoga class. The teacher said to me, « You’re a teacher? « I’m not ». « You’re a teacher! « No, I’m not! « You’re a teacher ». Thanks to that hour above the Ganges, I no longer had a stomachache, and I realised that if I wanted the benefits of yoga to continue to be distributed, it was up to me to take over, especially as at the same time my teacher was repeating a subliminal message over and over again: « I’m not eternal ». When I got back to France, I signed up for the French Hatha Yoga Federation course and started giving classes. Music, which had always been present in my life and in my family (my parents met through their love of opera), came to me through the voice. I became interested in the power of sound vibration, which gives shape to form, which can destroy or heal, which massages the body from within to reopen the spaces that the vagaries of life have narrowed. For a long time I worked on myself, singing all kinds of sounds, and thanks to my meeting with Claudia and Sergio from the Fontaine de l’Aube, who were interested in this subject, I began to pass on what I had understood about the relationship between sound and the body in the Yoga of Sound classes.

The expansions of consciousness I experienced as a child have never ceased, and have been precious gifts to guide my steps. The two most important of these were when, one summer morning, I saw the reality around me shake and become a great vibratory weave of song and love, and realised that the true source of all life is pure Love that informs matter through sound. The other was when I was sending Love and Light to someone close to me who was suffering greatly, and I saw gigantic Hands of Light appear to envelop him and heal him. For years, this happened again and again to people around me or to family members of people I knew from very far away.

Now there are these songs.

The first ones appeared during my walks in the forest. One day I realised that some of them always arrived in the same place, where the oaks had been cut down to lay the fibre poles. They settled in during the relaxation sessions in the Yoga and Yoga of Sound classes, and then one day I was moved by an invisible force to place my hands on someone and several songs came for them. The door to sound healing was open.

In truth, I’m not singing, I’m being sung to. A change of energy takes place, everything vibrates more widely, other dimensions open up: dimensions of myself, of the person in front of me, cosmic dimensions, connections with other beings and other forces that are there to help the person where their need is. My vocal cords make sounds that I couldn’t make in everyday life. Combined with the energy of my hands, they cleanse the memories that the person carries and transmit the codes of Light necessary for their evolution. They are for plants, animals and humans, they transmit love and bring peace, and I discover, astonished and dazzled, the extent of their possibilities.

This part of myself was difficult to accept, but others often see in you what you find hard to recognise. Here again, I had a decisive encounter.
At a time when I was deeply affected by the genocide of the Amerindians and had been unable to go to that part of the world for a long time, one night I dreamt of Wayne Snellgrove. Wayne, from the Saulteaux tribe, whose real name is Standing Bear, is a ‘Medicine Man’. I’d read his book ‘Lessons from the Ashes’ but I didn’t know him. Wayne is a survivor, one of the native children taken away from their families by the Canadian government and placed in institutions charged with ripping out their souls. That night, he was present in all my dreams. Three weeks after my dream, he was in the south of France, where I live. I asked to have a session with him. Wayne is the human being whose heart is the most full of love I’ve ever met. During the healing session, during which my heart recognised in him the brother who had taken care of me in my life as a native of the American plains, he said to me: « You’re a healer! You can do the same thing that I do ». He was the one who encouraged me to follow my path. He made me understand that none of this happens in your head, it’s generated and accepted by your heart. Love is at the centre of everything.

Many people have a mental approach to life and despise these expansions of consciousness. Studying India and reading Laurent Huguelit’s « 8 Circuits of Consciousness » (Mama Editions) helped me to understand that these are the spaces of Universal Consciousness that are opening up to us. The mineral, plant and animal worlds, and the planes of the archetypes, guides, angels and masters are all part of Universal Consciousness. We are the Infinite Consciousness without form and in the variety of its forms, we are beings of Light and Love that education and earthly life have reduced to the body and the psyche.

Apart from Hatha Yoga, I’ve never had any training in my life. I’ve just worked on myself, freeing up the space for Life to reveal itself and reveal myself as the creator of my life. It’s all there, in Us.

May all our gifts be brought to light,
nourished by our work, our patience and our love,
and incarnated in matter;
may they enlighten our lives and those of others;
that is my prayer and it could be the prayer of every human being.

Emma Chedid
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